September Haze

A New Path Ahead

The past few weeks have been very tumultuous: I had some family health problems, and my natural response was to bury myself in work.

I’ve been doing all sorts of commissioned pieces, but I’ve also rediscovered the pleasure of doing paintings “for the hell of it”. I believe it’s made me deal with the stress of the current situation a lot better.

Last week we had a party for Joshua’s birthday. I got him one of those smart balance wheel thingies, and he loved it. He almost fell a couple times, but already he’s totally mastered the thing. I can’t even get on it without risking a broken femor, I’m afraid.

Today I am *supposed* to work on a new piece, but I think I may just clean the house and relax instead. I have found out how to watch tv shows online without downloading anything, and I’m catching up on all the shows I have missed since I cancelled my cable subscription. Bad move, I know. My children are still sour about that 🙂

In conclusion, I’ll post again soon with some WIPs on the new paintings and with uploads of my older stuff.

Thanks for reading!

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